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Q. Will the barrette on the snood hold fine, thin hair?

A. In my years of selling snoods and helping women with their hair, I have found that 99.9% of the time, the barrettes will hold the hair. But, you also have options to make this work. A pony elastic can be used and the barrette can then be clipped above or through the ponytail to hold tighter. Also, the ponytail looks better if you back-comb ("tease") it to create more volume in the net.

You can also do a side roll as shown in my photographs by turning ("rolling") the hair, securing the roll with a bobby pin so that you can turn the other side, and then running the barrette through the rolls to make it more secure. It gives the barrette a little more to hold onto. Also, doing a "topsy tail" style and then securing the barrette is a short-cut to a similar look.

I have found that most women don't know that there are many types of barrettes "out there". If you buy one that's made in Taiwan, it will not hold fine hair because it has a mechanism that "spreads" when the hair is clipped. The best ones don't have that moveable mechanism, thus it grips the hair in a very firm, secure way.

Q. "Is my hair too short for a snood?" asks a woman with shoulder length hair.

A. Absolutely not! If you can pull your hair back into a ponytail, you can wear a snood.

Q. My hair is barely long enough for a ponytail - how can I wear a snood?

A. You can pull your hair back, secure it with a pony elastic and then clip the barrette above or through the ponytail and then fill the netting with an inexpensive hairpiece - or, you can save the hair from your hairbrush and put it into the snood to give the illusion of "more hair".

Q. How can I possibly hold "all this hair" in one of those barrettes?

A. The barrettes are the finest quality available. Plus, you don't put all the hair into the barrette! by taking a third from the left side beginning at the nape of the neck and combining it with a third of the right side (thus, leaving out the center one-third of your hair) and clipping it, you achieve a much softer and polished look than if you just clipped all of your hair into the barrette.

Using a pony elastic is a good "short-cut" for very thick hair.

Q. Aren't snoods only for dressy occasions?

A. Snoods are great for work and also sportive occasions. What woman doesn't have a day or evening when she does not have time to shampoo, blow dry and style her hair? It's a great way to pull yourself together at a minute's notice. I just shampoo my hair (if I must!), pull it back, fiddle with my bangs a bit, put on my snood and I'm out the door! It looks as though I spent a lot of time fixing myself up - but it only took a minute or two.

I sell to many professional women with little time on their hands, especially those who travel on business. Also, many customers find the snoods come in handy when on vacation on the beach, as well as in the mountains.

Q. How can this comb possibly hold fine, silky hair?

A. Actually, it holds fine hair even tighter than thick hair. The trick is the combination of the technique and the comb. It's such a disappointment to see a woman with fine, thin hair who won't let me show her that the comb will hold. I know it's hard to find things to hold this hair type and it's such a shame for someone not to seize the moment and experience that it really works! What we do is: we show you that the comb works!!!! Plus, we'll teach you how to do it and spend time with you so that you will know how to do it when you get home! Plus, at all of the shows in which I exhibit, you can get a remedial lesson if you need it. All you need to do is show up at the booth with your comb and we will begin the process again and AGAIN if you need it!

Q. How can this snood hold all of my hair? It's to my waist!!!

A. Our snoods, especially the cotton nets, are flexible and yet keep the original form and shape. They will accommodate any length of hair.

Q. How can two sticks possibly hold my hair up all day long?

A. Well, once again, you need to experience it to know that it works! There are three styles that the sticks will hold in most any type hair - and they're shown in my photographs. I show a bun, "Gibson Girl" and french twist. I know there are more, but let's start with the basics!

Again, it's the combination of the technique and the stick. Our HairSticks are made thicker than what you may see commercially available. That way, when you turn and push the stick to grab the hair, it won't break.

Look me up at a show and I'll be glad to demonstrate our Hair Sticks!


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